The sample student essay that we are using for this section is from Roane State Community College's (Tennessee) Web-site "A Brief Guide to Writing Argumentative Essays." The essay, "Cry, Wolf," was written by Ella Bervan. We use it here with Roane State Community College's permission. If you visit our section called Forms of Communication, you will find this essay in a .pdf (Acrobat Reader) format, which will show exactly how it would appear as a hard-copy essay ready to hand in to the instructor. If you click on the link below, you will find that we have taken the text of the essay and inserted sidebars containing comments on the essay's argument and development.

“Cry, Wolf”

The other sub-sections of this part of Principles of Composition are as follows:

  • #Citing Authorities
  • #Using Personal Experience
  • #Using Statistics
  • #Using Facts
  • #Using Analogies
  • #Logic: An Introduction to Fallacies
  • #Anticipating the Opposition