To the Users of this Web Site:

The Guide to Grammar and Writing (including the "Principles of Composition") is meant to provide some suggestions about writing in a convenient, hyperlinked format. Be warned, however, that following all these suggestions and rules about grammar and scoring 100% on all the quizzes will not guarantee good writing. The metaphor of learning to drive is a good one: knowing all the facts and rules in the manual—how far to park from a fire hydrant, how long to brake on a rainy day in Georgia—doesn't make you a good driver. Like learning to drive, learning to write is largely a matter of learning from others and, more than anything else, practicing in a safe place until you can operate with skill and confidence. Still, there are many who will write with more confidence when they know the rules. So here are some rules, some definitions, some prescriptions, some quizzes, even a place to ask questions. We hope they prove helpful.

The author of this Guide has done his best to provide current, reliable information for writers. He is not, however, nor is Capital Community College, responsible for students' or any individual's writing that relies upon this information. Writers are wise to remember that their editors, bosses, and instructors—no matter how benighted and unlettered they may be—are always right.

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