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Each space in the paragraph below is preceded by an "opportunity for error" in the formation of plurals or possessives. If the word is correct, write a C in the space; if it is incorrect, write an I. When you're finished, click on the "submit application" at the bottom of the page and the computer will check your answers.

My friend's , the Rodriguez's , had a big family reunion last summer. They hadn't been together since the late 1980's , according to Carmen, and there were many cousins she hadn't seen since then and some new baby's she'd never met before. "Aunt Flo and Uncle Silvio's family had really grown," she said. Flo, who already had five kids of her own, had divorced and remarried and Flo's and Silvio's kids -- like a bunch of elves -- filled a minivan and two taxis . Fortunately, Flo and Silvio have PhD's in psychology with good incomes to match. "We should've leased busses for everyone," Carmen added.

They had their big dinner down at that place owned by Joe Pagani, Paganis Ristorante, Illinois's most popular and expensive restaurant. It was jammed and familys kept arriving in bunch's until some people ended up sitting on box's and benches . The waitresses went crazy keeping up with the order's , especially with kids ordering from the childrens' menu. When it came time to pay the bill, they couldn't find Agnes's purse, and she had collected all the money. They had a lot of laughes about washing all those dish's until Uncle Antony found his baby girl, Eutrusca, curled up under his chair, sound asleep, using Agneses' bag for a pillow. Eutrusca hadn't waited for her grandpas long after-dinner speech to put her to sleep.

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