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Each of the eighty spaces below is preceded by an "opportunity for error" in capitalization. If the word is capitalized correctly, write a C in the space; if it is incorrect, write an I (use capital letters). The tab key will take you from space to space. When you're finished, click on the "submit application" at the bottom of the page and the computer will check your answers.

1. Dr. Goldberger traveled through the Southern part of pennsylvania to get to the conference on victorian poetry .

2. Many of the students in the introduction to Microcomputers course at the university of hartford last fall preferred using macintosh Computers rather than the pc's provided in the Lab .

3. My favorite uncle , my Father's brother, wrote a famous book on the role of buddha in Herman Hesse's novel siddhartha .

4. "Wait," He said, "Until the Huskies have won a few games."

5. The secretary of the Society of Concerned Students wrote to the Ambassador of south Africa .

6. On the fourth of July , we celebrate the war of Independence ; on labor Day , we celebrate the contributions of Organized Labor to American life.

7. My mother asked Mayor Pete a question about scandinavian immigration.

8. I'll never forget reading the Last Of The Mohicans when I was in Mrs. Turveydrop's high school English class.

9. Didwell somehow managed to get an A in his Physics course, but he failed History 104.

10. I think that lake Superior is the largest and the most Northern of the great lakes .

11. Clerihew is a classical studies major, but his favorite course is in french history .

12. News of the grant was announced by President Chauncey Bedouin, who used to be president of Breadwidth university .

13. Dogsbreath played baseball until he came down with Measles .

14. Last spring , sometime in late March , I believe, Grillbody heard that he had been awarded a Fulbright fellowship .

15. Tashonda earned a master's degree in business before she went on for a Ph.D. in Economics .

16. Most 20th-Century art leaves me cold, but I love the the French impressionists and the nineteenth- century british landscape painters. .


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