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After each sentence, select the word which best fills in the blank left in that sentence. When you're done, click on "Submit Application" at the bottom of the test, and the computer will grade your answers. A definition of the preferred word will also appear whether you got the answer right or not.

1.  In an attempt to _______ the effects of a bad year, farmers planted a second crop.
A. censure
B. mitigate
C. decimate
D. obliterate

2.  Clarence was well known for his __________, his ability to lie on the couch and watch TV all day.
A. lethargy
B. animosity
C. futility
D. reticence

3.  The state accountants were ________ in their use of tax dollars for lunch.
A. lucid
B. servile
C. obscure
D. prodigal

4.  With all those injuries, death was __________ .
A. superficial
B. inevitable
C. precipitous
D. fulsome

5.  No one really liked the attorney general, but no one could doubt her ____________ .
A. anarchy
B. viscosity
C. veracity
D. ineptitude

6.  The country's __________ economy was nearly wiped out by the late summer storms.
A. agrarian
B. arcane
C. frugal
D. culinary

7.  The last years of the Roman Empire were renowned for their indulgent, ____________ society.
A. fortuitous
B. incongruous
C. fastidioius
D. hedonistic

8.  The ___________ water of the high Rocky Mountains was perfect for the brewer's purposes.
A. latent
B. pristine
C. perfidious
D. acrid

9.  To everyone's horror, Rufus's farewell speech was filled with bitter ____________ about his bosses.
A. invective
B. levity
C. magnanimity
D. transgression

10.  When the Maguires moved away, their beautiful gardens began to _____________ from lack of care.
A. instigate
B. adulate
C. languish
D. persevere

11.  The car salesman was overly helpful -- to the point of being _____________ and rude.
A. opulent
B. circumspect
C. reticent
D. officious

12.  The sculptor loved to work with bright, ____________ metals.
A. malleable
B. mercurial
C. impervious
D. ascetic

13.  My mother-in-law has made some __________ judgments while investing in the stock market.
A. clandestine
B. astute
C. dissolute
D. ponderous

14.  The living room, with its ____________ curtains, was dark and depressing.
A. indulgent
B. anomalous
C. idyllic
D. funereal

15.  The rock star moved into an ____________ mansion, complete with its own bowling alley and movie theater.
A. ostensible
B. opulent
C. unmitigated
D. ascetic

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