Vocabulary: Fill-in-the-Blanks II [Logo]
After each sentence, select the word which best fills in the blank left in that sentence. When you're done, click on "Submit Application" at the bottom of the test, and the computer will grade your answers. A definition of the preferred word will also appear whether you got the answer right or not.

1.  The jury was able to see through the ___________ argument of the defense lawyers.
A. stoic
B. palpable
C. specious
D. onerous

2.  Maria was so _________ that she couldn't follow even the simple directions on the cake box.
A. officious
B. obtuse
C. candid
D. opulent

3.  It's not a good idea to take a balloon ride in _______ weather conditions.
A. onerous
B. affable
C. malleable
D. adverse

4.  The ___________ reason for moving our college campus downtown is that students will find it easier to get there -- but I have my doubts.
A. putative
B. tangible
C. hermetic
D. erudite

5.  How my brother ever became a priest is an __________ to all of his high school friends.
A. idiosyncracy
B. antipathy
C. enigma
D. archetype

6.  Benson's essay was ____________ with punctuation errors of all kinds.
A. replete
B. resolute
C. opulent
D. virulent

7.  The prime minister bowed and scraped and behaved ___________ before the new queen.
A. resolutely
B. ostensibly
C. sinuously
D. obsequiously

8.  Rhonda's behavior only _____________ an already bad situation.
A. obfuscated
B. exacerbated
C. preempted
D. flouted

9.  George had the ___________ to suggest that we hire a new coach.
A. discretion
B. disdain
C. surfeit
D. temerity

10.  The philosophy lecture was so predictable, so _________, that everyone fell asleep in five minutes.
A. ascetic
B. banal
C. astute
D. ineffable

11.  The Darwin couple ______________ upon their future for months before deciding to get married.
A. precluded
B. deferred
C. ruminated
D. incited

12.  The ____________ of the task before them would prove a challenge to their imagination and patience.
A. omen
B. lethargy
C. hiatus
D. enormity

13.  The mysterious, ____________ music floated through the trees and charmed the listeners.
A. ethereal
B. esoteric
C. sanguine
D. viable

14.  The ____________ facts of the matter were obvious to most of the witnesses.
A. perfunctory
B. gratuitous
C. salient
D. bodacious

15.  The first-grade teacher attempted to __________ his pupils in the virtues of playing fair.
A. stipulate
B. edify
C. exonerate
D. comprise

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