Vocabulary: Fill-in-the-Blanks [Logo]
After each sentence, select the word which best fills in the blank left in that sentence. When you're done, click on "Submit Application" at the bottom of the test, and the computer will grade your answers. A definition of the preferred word will also appear whether you got the answer right or not.

1.  The children were so ____________ that the teacher had to yell to be heard.
A. truculent
B. obstreperous
C. morose
D. discreet

2.  Coach Calhoun tried to ___________ his team to try harder in the face of overwhelming odds.
A. flout
B. instigate
C. emulate
D. exhort

3.  I don't think these flowers are __________ to New England. At least I've never seen them.
A. ingenuous
B. fluent
C. indigenous
D. exigent

4.  Roberto pretended to know a lot about the opera, but he was really just a ___________ .
A. dilettante
B. supernumerary
C. chimera
D. catalyst

5.  The professor became so forceful, so _________ in his expression of opinions, that students began to leave his course.
A. dormant
B. credible
C. dogmatic
D. lucid

6.  Tashonda had read the book in a __________ fashion and couldn't remember what she'd read.
A. truculent
B. obstreperous
C. cursory
D. discreet

7.  The older child had a reputation for ________ trouble in high school, but he calmed down in college.
A. mortifying
B. appeasing
C. curtailing
D. instigating

8.  The professor got in trouble for making __________ remarks about the Dean of Faculty.
A. benign
B. pejorative
C. pensive
D. blithe

9.  My uncle has never been to an art museum; in fact, when it comes to matters of art, my uncle is a real _________ .
A. patrician
B. philistine
C. martyr
D. hedonist

10.  The jury ___________ the mayor of all wrongdoing.
A. exonerated
B. expatriated
C. augmented
D. subjugated

11.  A __________ seemed to befall the entire community as it heard the horrid news.
A. malfeasance
B. blasphemy
C. largess
D. malaise

12.  A kind of ____________ seemed to occur when David graduated from high school. He became a serious student all of a sudden.
A. metamorphosis
B. milieu
C. epithet
D. accolade

13.  Esmerelda's dissertation was on such an ___________ subject that no one could understand it.
A. equitable
B. esoteric
C. auspicious
D. austere

14.  Sherman's hold on his job has become so _________ that no one is sure he'll be working there next month.
A. serendipitous
B. eminent
C. putative
D. tenuous

15.  The UConn women basketball team's perfect season ___________ in a championship win over Tennessee.
A. culminated
B. fulminated
C. fomented
D. alleviated

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